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       from coffee conversations and  batches of five

They say many great ideas come out from drinking coffee. 

Brewed Awakening Shop started out as a coffee conversation topic between my sister Joy and me. We have always wanted to reduce our plastic waste and most of it are from hair care products.  So for the love of chemistry and pursuit of making our own shampoo bars, I signed up for a workshop to learn the basics and started making our own formulations.  Friends and colleagues started taking interest and we thought this could help our advocacy to help save the seas. We started making batches of five pieces then gradually progressed to something more. We still have a long way to go. 

The story behind our logo

From a family of coffee/tea drinkers and martial arts movie fans, we have thought of a ninja floating over a  steaming hot cup would be a great way to represent Brewed Awakening. We have named the coffee ninja "Ising" after our mom's childhood name. Watch out for coffee ninja "Bob" soon.

- Gaille Pereña

Formulator/ Coffee ninja 2 of 2

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